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With the explosive growth and accessibility of the World Wide Web, online advertising is one of the most cost-effective and popular methods of marketing a business. The news, articles, videos, interview and photos are updated regularly and include the reporter from various parts of the country.

Advertising on the www.samajkhabar.com website allows you to reach your target.

  • Ads take the form of a link including company name, describing your product or service and your URL.
  • The website offers a long term Banner Advertisement (6 months or 1 year period)
  • Banner ads appear on inner content pages on the right hand side within the viewable screen area. These ad placements are constant and do not rotate with each click on the site ensuring maximum exposure.
  • As mentioned, Ads are static so the permanent link can benefits you with your search engine ranking.
S.N. Placement Size Rate Per Day Rate Per Month
1 Roadblock Jacket Ad Standard 10,000 NPR 2,00,000 NPR
2 Ad above Masthead 1000X90 5,000 NPR 1,20,000 NPR
3 Header Banner Ad 768X90 3,000 NPR 75,000 NPR
4 Below Masthead Banner 1000X90 2,500 NPR 60,000 NPR
5 Home Sidebar Ad 275X220 2,000 NPR 50,000 NPR
6 Inside all news(Side Bar) 275X220 18,00 NPR 45,000 NPR
7 Samaj Khabar Special Standard 15,00 NPR 30,000 NPR

NOTE : *13 % VAT will added . * Design cost will added.



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